Super Seducer -insert barf emoji-

If you clicked on this post to get a “Just Good PC Games” Review, you’ve clicked on the wrong page.

I am not giving Super Seducer a good rating here. I am going to be a basic bitch, in that I “can’t even.
We did get this game for free, it was sent to our team via curator connect with the request to “keep an open mind.” As a woman and someone who has dealt with unwanted advances/attention, I tried (although not very hard) but I did…

I tried to look at this game as objectively as possible, but even from a technical standpoint, I cannot say that this game is good.
This game markets itself as a something of a teaching tool, to learn the “art of seduction” from a master.

Super Seducer game, shows 32-bit male with one woman on each arm. Text reads "Learn state-of-the-art seduction secrets from the master himself, Richard La Ruina, in this incredibly valuable live action seduction simulator."

Negatives for me:

  • The acting is painfully awkward
  • Does not take into account that women are not “one-solution-fits-all”
  • Promotes a predatory outlook on relationships

Now let’s break those down a little bit, shall we?

At first glance, the production values seem pretty high. The videos are all HD, they are in focus and lit well, I guess. It’s interesting that there is a soft focus (is that the right word?) on the people in the scenes to make it seem like they are flawless until they open their mouths to speak.
The action and dialogue are painfully forced, at least it is in the 2 scenes from this game that I played through and Richard’s scripted response videos related to other people’s negative reviews. It seems like there was enough rehearsal done to make sure that everyone knew their lines, but I’ve seen better acting in a 30-second spot for a high school newscast. I’m not sure how this is supposed to show that he is a master of seduction… Does the camera make you nervous Richard?

Going off the first of the two scenarios I played, I hate that the answer to “how to get a woman on the street to talk to you” is to basically block her path so that she can’t get away. I’ve lived in both large cities and small towns. Walking into someone does not encourage conversation. Maybe try giving them a compliment on the outfit they are wearing like, “That is such an interesting pattern on your top, I love the colours,” (please don’t make a comment on how someone’s body looks) or make a comment on the fandom they’ve got on their bag, t-shirt, earrings or whatever DO NOT TAKE THIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO TOUCH SOMEONE despite this being a tip that is encouraged in the game.



Ugh. It gives me such creepy vibes. I don’t care what you look like, or how conventionally attractive you think you are, make it clear you are on a date first or get a go-ahead before you make physical contact with another person. Maybe that’s just me, and people like me who have personal space bubbles that they don’t want to be invaded by strangers, but this is why pick-up artists are gross.

I get that some people are intimidated by talking to others, but honestly… online dating is not the worst thing in the world. It’s much less frowned upon these days, you don’t need to force interactions with people, you can meet up with someone you met online who is into wanting to date. Then you don’t have to guess if they’re into it or not.

Want some Pro-Tips on getting someone’s attention from your profile?

Spoiler for How to Get Noticed on Insert-Dating-Site.com

* Be yourself, whether that be funny, witty, sarcastic – You don’t want them to show up and you’re boring AF when you said you’re spontaneous
* Don’t be an asshole – Obviously
* Don’t send the same message to every single person on the website
(I’ve compared messages with friends that were literally copy/pasta – it’s obvious)

Back on topic, I lied there is one positive I can say about the format of the game itself.
As a “teaching tool” I do appreciate that he takes the time to break down the answers and explain why he thinks a certain scenario would have one outcome over the other, but at the same time everyone is going to react differently to each scenario and whether or not you are someone’s type when you approach them is going to have a substantial impact on their reaction being a positive or negative one.

Personally, I think that this game could have done better with stills, like a visual novel or typical dating sim with more room for interpretation. If someone is actually using this as a way to pick-up women they may end up following movement for movement how the recorded interaction went down. I know when I am learning something new I tend to try and copy it exactly the first few times before I am able to put my own spin on it. It’s human nature to mimic, and it’s so. painfully. awkward.
You know what..  I take back my single positive, since “good answers” reward you with women, or scarcely clothed women. It’s almost as if it’s a requirement to use beautiful women as props, which is BS. I’d much rather have them be there to provide some alternatives and give a relatively check.. but reality doesn’t sell video games.

This game seems to rely heavily on the philosophy that women go out to meet men, or always want to be swept off their feet by a charming guy on the street. While that may be the case for some, I do not recommend trying it out on as many women as possible. It’s cute in theory, but in practice not so much.

/end rant

All in all, from this female’s perspective… This game could be good… if you want it purely for the mockable value of the crap acting and laughable “wins” for each scenario that you can mercilessly joke about with your friends. But give this one a hard pass for “learning” and only pick it up if you intend to laugh it up with your buddies or want to play “who can be the creepiest creep.”